Apple Day

2016-apple-day-4Last month didn’t just mark our anniversary of moving to The Secret Acre, it was of course also harvest time.

The UK’s national Apple Day (yes, there is one) is actually on 21st October.

And so during October community groups up and down the country hold a range of apple pressing and harvest celebration events. Continue reading

The Onion & Potato Harvest

Potato Harvest 2016Another quick update from the veg patch. Our onion and potato harvests were in recently.

The onions were most satisfying, because they are another of those vegetables that we never bothered growing before, when we were container growing in a small city backyard.

The potatoes were more of a relief. We had always grown a sack or two of potatoes in the backyard. A regular and reliable staple. But now, properly in the soil for the first time, they looked decidedly less healthy, and we were worried they had failed. Continue reading

The Unexpected Wheat Harvest

Unexpected Wheat 2016Another of the joys at The Secret Acre in making a start on the garden this year has been unexpected discoveries of some of the things already lurking in the undergrowth.

But we were still surprised by our unexpected wheat harvest.

In a neglected grass verge overdue the attentions of the strimmer, two ears of wheat proudly emerged, presumably from seeds blown in from a nearby farmer’s field!