Planting Out

The strange feeling of ‘veg bed competence’ we had at the start of May has somehow survived through to end of the month.

Surely it can’t last!

The greenhouse seedlings (pictured left) rapidly turned into a veritable garden nursery vision of plug plants demanding to be planted out against the risks of any late frosts.

And so our veg beds have, over the last two weeks, burst into renewed life with small plants struggling to establish, and an array of netting warding off insects to deer.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that our over-wintered broad beans have more have doubled in size during the month, and the biodynamic potatoes have also sprouted strongly ready for their first earthing-up.

Clockwise from top left: the broad beans getting even bigger; corn and squash bed; potatoes ready for earthing-up; and lots of netting everywhere!

In fact it is amazing to compare this video of the main veg bed just four weeks ago, composted and ready to go, with this week’s one below now nearly all planted up!


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