Over the Moon

In previous years, last Friday would have seen me out on the veg patch planting our chitted seed potatoes.

The ‘Good Friday Potatoes’. I read it in a book way back and the idea stuck.

Apparently, Easter potato planting is a very English thing. The Irish prefer to use St Patricks day.

Last year’s unseasonably hot weather, combined I suspect with over enthusiastic earthing-up, produced our first ever potato failure. So this year we were determined to use all the help we could get, and consulting the biodynamic planting calendar, planted them on a good ‘root day’ between St Patricks and Easter instead.

Time will tell. But a few years back BBC Gardeners Question Time featured a trial planting of some potatoes on the most favourable day according to the biodynamic calendar, and found they got almost doubled the yield compared with planting potatoes on other days. And like they say, every little helps!


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