What windows can teach politicians!

energy-rating-badge-explainedThere’s a lot politicians could learn from buying windows. Not some high-tech Bill Gates thing, just your plain old glass variety.

As you know, we are very keen on insulation at The Secret Acre. So it was a given that we would be getting the most energy efficient windows we could afford. Continue reading


When is a bi-fold not a bi-fold?

new-wave-doorsLike all good builders of timber frame extensions, we wanted it to include a large wall of glass to frame the panoramic view beyond.

But let me be upfront and say I am not a big fan of bi-fold windows. I think it is their all or nothing, open or closed scissor action. So I would probably opt for the less aesthetically pleasing patio doors. Emma takes the opposite view. Continue reading

Three Months In: Waiting for Windows

windows waitThere always seems to be that moment on Grand Designs when everything stops for several months while they wait for the windows to be delivered.

Determined not to have that problem we ordered our windows some time ago, and yet after the amazing speed of progress in the first eight weeks, June still felt like we were waiting. Continue reading

This year we will mostly be growing – silage bags!

Veg Bed 1 Silage BagsOf course the whole reason for moving to The Secret Acre is to grow our own and be more self-sufficient(ish). So it is frustrating this year, while the house is getting its eco-makeover and we are not yet living on site to properly tend a veg patch, that our planting plans have had to be made for 2016, which still seems a lifetime off. Continue reading