Two Months In: the arse insulation test

BuildersFour weeks further on and Stevenson the builders continue to make amazing progress in the sunshine on our smallholding’s eco-makeover.

The timber frame extension shot up almost overnight, so now the whole building is in place just awaiting the windows to get us water tight. In the original part of the house the first fix has been done and the walls beautifully re-plastered.


extension goes upWe’ve blogged before about the importance of investing in energy saving insulation before paying for the energy generating eco-bling like solar panels.

Ridge tiles and cedar trim on.

Ridge tiles and cedar trim on.

So it was good in early May when the lorry delivering our insulation left a pile of insulation boards virtually the same size and height of the house itself! Surely it was never going to all fit inside! But gradually over the last four weeks sections have been fitted into walls, ceilings and floor until it was all in.

One lunchtime Emma and I sat on a pile of the foil backed insulation boards eating our sandwiches.

First fix in for the solar thermal.

First fix in for the solar thermal.

After a short time I noticed my bottom was getting hot. Instinctively I put my hand onto the surface of the insulation board expecting it to have been warmed up by the sun. It hadn’t, it was a normal temperature. Then it struck me. My own body heat was being reflected back by the insulation boards we were sitting on. Amazing! Very reassuring to that this great insulation will be keeping out home toasty, and keeping our energy bills down.

insulation everywhere


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