Stuck in a Rut

deer-antler-nov-2016Last month our dog, Ruby, emerged from the darkness of her usual night time patrol round the garden with a stick in her mouth.

Bringing us little presents is a relatively rare event, usually confined to the odd rotting fermenting windfall apple, presented with a slightly drunken look on her face as if to say ‘you should try these fermented apples they are really great!’

Ruby’s stick face however had an altogether different look of smug satisfaction. And rightly so. Continue reading


Wasps verses Badgers

wasps-v-badger-2-nov-2016No, not a Channel 5 programme pitch, but a fierce, yet silent, night time battle to the death, fought out recently at The Secret Acre.

There are apparently over 110 species of digger wasp in Britain, who’d have thought it, one of which decided to nest near our greenhouse earlier this year. Out of the way doing no harm we decided to leave them to their own devices. Continue reading