I can see Green(ly) now the Roof has gone!

Sedum roof tray stackThere was one thing we were clear about when planning The Secret Acre’s eco-makeover. We didn’t want to be looking out from our new bedroom over 60 square meters of grey roof extension.

And it turns out that installing a green roof is amazingly simple.

In fact most of the hard work had already been done by the farm in Wiltshire who grew our roof in self-contained modular trays that arrived stacked on a lorry.

So it took Sedum Green Roof less than a day’s work on Saturday to arrange the sedum trays on the roof, slotting them together like a giant jigsaw and putting drainage stones around the edge to finish off.

Certainly not the biggest job of the eco-makeover, and yet definitely one of the most transformative, instantly changing the look and feel of the house.

So simple and so transformative, not to mention the insulation and eco benefits of course, that I don’t think we will ever put up with just a flat grey roof ever again!

We chose sedum over grass by the way to avoid the need to keep on mowing the roof, sedum just requiring an easy maintenance weeding each spring and autumn and some slow release fertilizer once a year.

Green Roof - before and after

An amazing transformation as Sedum Green Roof install our green roof – before (above) and after (below).


5 thoughts on “I can see Green(ly) now the Roof has gone!

  1. Wow! Excellent! How strong does your roof need to be? It looks like it’s made of concrete – is that correct?


    • No, it’s just a standard timber frame extension with a normal flat roof membrane and the green sedum trays simply sit on top. It does add some weight of course (but the tray system is lighter than the soil rolls I seem to remember) but well within the limits of the roof without needing special measures. That said I would (and we did) get an architect or structural engineer just to double check!


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