What windows can teach politicians!

energy-rating-badge-explainedThere’s a lot politicians could learn from buying windows. Not some high-tech Bill Gates thing, just your plain old glass variety.

As you know, we are very keen on insulation at The Secret Acre. So it was a given that we would be getting the most energy efficient windows we could afford.

With our property’s south facing aspect the consensus was triple glazing would give too much solar gain. So we set out to get the best rated double glazing we could afford, in aluminium frames for a longer recyclable product life than plastic.

Our favourite and probably the best energy rated, Velfac, proved annoyingly too expensive. So we had to sacrifice a bit of energy rating for the next best product we could find.

Fortunately modern building regulations for insulation in the last few years have also improved standards for window efficiency. So even today’s standard window products offer quite good energy efficient “u-values” to comply with the regulations.

And that’s the point for politicians. We’ve got reasonably good windows, but they could easily be just that bit better. The manufactures however don’t need to make those improvements as standard because they already scrape under the target regulation.

It’s a great example of why politicians need to lead first with vision and then with enabling legislation. In this case a vision of energy efficient homes, backed up with regulations that drive manufactures to produce the most efficient products as standard.


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