When is a bi-fold not a bi-fold?

new-wave-doorsLike all good builders of timber frame extensions, we wanted it to include a large wall of glass to frame the panoramic view beyond.

But let me be upfront and say I am not a big fan of bi-fold windows. I think it is their all or nothing, open or closed scissor action. So I would probably opt for the less aesthetically pleasing patio doors. Emma takes the opposite view.

Fortunately an argument was avoided when we made a research visit to the Homebuilding Show near Bath in the early planning stages for the project, and we discovered New Wave windows.

Like a bi-fold, but not a bi-fold! New Wave is a sliding door system in which each window panel independently slides and opens, allowing you to use it as a glass partition, opening as many or a few gaps as you want, or as the weather determines.

With a good security rating and reasonable energy rating, as soon as we saw these New Wave windows we were sold on having the best of both worlds for our extension’s wall of glass.


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