Three Months In: Waiting for Windows

windows waitThere always seems to be that moment on Grand Designs when everything stops for several months while they wait for the windows to be delivered.

Determined not to have that problem we ordered our windows some time ago, and yet after the amazing speed of progress in the first eight weeks, June still felt like we were waiting.

Manifold for the underfloor heating.

Manifold for the underfloor heating.

But looks can be deceptive. In fact the big job in June was the laying of the underfloor heating system and pouring the screed. You can walk on it after 48 hours, but it needs another three weeks to set completely. Hence the illusion of waiting until the windows go in early July to make us water tight.

In the meantime the internal plastering and external cedar cladding were finished off, and the plumbing and fittings for the solar thermal panels installed.

plasteringAnd Emma and I have started to plan the internal finishes, which included a two day gastronomic trip to Berlin to buy some lampshades!

Once the windows go in next month it will be full speed ahead again with the second fix and internal finishes, leaving just the external wall insulation for the three original cedar claddingbungalow walls as the last big building job still to do.


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