A Hiccup and a Harvest

Back in May I opined about how on top of all things veg we seemed to be this year, warning that it surely couldn’t last.

And that hiccup arrived almost immediately in the form of a prolonged spell of unexpected parental care, now all fine fortunately, but leaving Emma to cope solo on the veg patch.

So the harvest we have enjoyed is all down to her hard work. Here’s a pictorial roundup of some of the action.

The first early potatoes (Pentland Javelin again, left) were unearthed, while (right), summer holiday visitors were press ganged into service as usual. Better than Alton towers!

Eleanor (left) discovered treasure on the veg patch, while (right) the onions and shallots are enjoying a new up market storage draw this year.

More recently, the Pink Fir main crop potatoes (top) produced more potatoes than we have ever grown, which must be down to the fact we grew them biodynamically this year! While (below) the adjacent squash patch seems to have benefitted too!

Having a Beauty of Bath apple tree means we always get an early pressing of apples in too. Even if the main orchard crop is only here now.

But the best part of harvest season is being able to enjoy a harvest supper with friends in the sunshine at the end of a hard afternoon’s picking!


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