Thinking of the Future

Marmalade - Feb 2016I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade” – D.H. Lawrence.

This year we really need to make a start on the whole becoming more self-sufficient thing, now the house is fairly finished. Our store room is imposing an air of expectation upon us.

There is an air of expectation from the jars!

There is an air of expectation from the jars!

The collection of saved empty jam jars, demijohns from freecycle, and presents of kilner jars from kind friends, all stare back waiting to see action. Quietly dreaming of the coming potential for a new season of elderflower champagne, wild garlic pesto, jams and pickles.

So while we wait for spring to sprung, it’s lovely to be able to ‘left off’ after Christmas, fill the gap with some marmalade making, and feel that a start really is being made.

Ok, The Secret Acre, is not exactly a Stately Home equipped with an orangey, so we have to buy in the Saville Oranges, but the annual therapeutic value remains strong.

This year, inspired by my friend Richard, a marmalade making guru, we set out to upgrade from our regular marmalade to dark whiskey marmalade. But in typical Secret Acre style, were thwarted only by our store cupboard’s lack of dark sugar and whiskey! So we resorted to our usual make do and substitute approach and ended up with light brown Cointreau marmalade instead.



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