We’ve got a plan Stan

Veg Beds 2016So that’s decide then, we’ll make a start on this Good Life thing by getting going on the veg growing this year, and worry about getting animals next year.

Time is pressing…

“Delve in! The year’s before us. Spring’s promise fills the air” – Frederick Frye Rockwell, “Invitation” Around the Year in the Garden, 1913.

Our first veg planting plan. It's functional, but it ain't pretty!

Our first veg planting plan. It’s functional, but it ain’t pretty!

Clearly what we needed was a plan, and Emma came up trumps with spreadsheet and graph paper.

Maybe not quite the beautifully illustrated plans of some other smallholders we’ve seen with envious eyes, but it’s ours, and more importantly provides guidance for our next novice steps.

There’s a Chinese Proverb (isn’t there always) – “Life begins the day you start a Garden” – let’s hope so.


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