Harvest 2020 – Part 4: Squeezing the final Pips

Last month saw some of our final summer harvest pickings as the decent into autumn gathered pace.

It’s been a long lockdown summer in the garden.

From the early broad beans, onions and garlic, through the traditional gluts, and welcome summer helpers.

Here’s another pictorial roundup of the final action.

There were still plenty of tomatoes and peppers to enjoy.

Everyone was pressed into service as the store cupboard filled up.

As the leaves started to turn, there were artichokes to eat and squashes to store.

And of course the main crop of apples in the orchard to press. This year a long drawn out affair, with individual friends coming every other weekend to help in a Covid secure way, rather than having a couple of giant garden parties to do it all at once. However the slow and steady approach paid dividends when it came to maximising the crop, resulting in of best ever year for volume of juice and cider.

Here’s a final birds eye view video of the apple presser at work on one of the last sunny days of early autumn to enjoy!


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