The (Good) Life on Lockdown

We are living in strange times indeed. But life on Coronavirus Lockdown at The Secret Acre could be a lot worse. The sun is finally out, and there’s no shortage of spring jobs in the garden to be done.

We know we are not the only ones to have taken the opportunity to start re-watching the complete DVD set of episodes of The Good Life again from scratch. We are just getting onto the start of season four!

Meanwhile, the time for other more practical projects has also materialised during life on lockdown. Here’s a quick pictorial run through our first two weeks on lockdown on the homestead….

Getting the essentials sorted first… brewing red wine!

Then baking bread.

Emma also got busy baking her own oatcakes (left) and chocolate & ginger shortbread (right).

And then some Rocky Road (using homemade vegan marshmallow).

Before going all Heston Blumenthal with Aquafaba Meringues that look like portobello mushrooms!

Not to be out done, Paul learned to make Seitan from Wheat Gluten, which was very exciting, even if it the process looked like it was from an episode of Dr Who!

We hope to get onto making Feta cheese next, with the help of Steven Lamb’s book, assuming we can get hold of enough goats milk during lockdown!


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