Will it ever stop raining?

While the other side of the World burns, here in the UK we have had constant rain and flooding for well over three months now.

The fires are an immediate threat to life, while the crops lost to flooding speak of the future food shortages we can expect as the extreme weather events of climate change accelerate.

Away from human hubris, at least the mushrooms have been enjoying it, with boom in rare mushrooms are appearing across the country. 

Our own local playing field, usually rich in a selection of poisonous varieties (see pictures below), became completely carpeted this autumn.

Here at The Secret Acre, disliking the energy intensive nature of commercial mushroom growing, we have been attempting to establish a natural oyster mushroom bed for ourselves. Of course while fungi of all types has been exploding to life in the wet autumn UK, needless to say our efforts have remained stubbornly unmushroomed! More hubris.

Perhaps it will never stop raining. Certainly our political systems are uniquely unable to meet the global threat of the environmental crisis we have created. Perhaps as scientists are increasingly saying, it is already too late for humans. Perhaps when we are gone the fungi will rise up and take over. But not our oyster mushrooms, obviously!


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