New Springwatch Kids on the Block

Move over Chris Packham! Because another advantage of the current Good Life on Lockdown has been spare time to finally play properly with the trail camera we received at Christmas.

Since moving in we have got used to observing the daytime wildlife, even when red in tooth and claw, but we really wanted a wildlife camera to also be able to capture the hidden nocturnal wildlife, in full on David Attenborough style.

So with the extra lockdown time on our hands this spring, here are the first images and footage we got from a well-marked animal track crossing the orchard.

All of which allows us to share our first ever (very short) episode of Springwatch at The Secret Acre!

Hilariously, the American trail camera we got comes with the original USA packaging, all about using the camera to track your wildlife before going out to shoot it. But it come via a British importer who adds for the UK market their own guide all about how to use the camera to photograph and cherish your local wildlife. Which tells you all you need to know about the difference between America and Britain I guess!


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