Seeds of Life

The arrival of spring once again heralds the start of another year of seed sowing here at The Secret Acre.

As always at this time of the year, I like to remind people of this little favourite video clip that perfectly explains nature!

And for this year, here (below) is a second little clip of our first tray of new 2020 seeds. 

This year we are trying out Fertile Fibre Biodynamic Seed Compost as we continue to turbo charge our organic growing to fully biodynamic practise, or ‘more-ganic’ as some people apparently call it!

Once again we are mostly using Seed Co-operative biodynamic seeds, from the UK’s only community owned seed company, and our patio table has come into the house to create an enlarged sunny windowsill to house even more seeds (pictured below). And of course this year we are looking forward to making a start in our newly refurbished greenhouse too of course.


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