Greenhouse is Go… finally!

The arrival of spring has heralded the completion of some of this year’s winter jobs at The Secret Acre ready for the growing season ahead.

Long term followers of our blog will know that saving the overgrown greenhouse from oblivion was pretty much the very first job, a three day long battle, which we urgently undertook when moving into the property.

Although the subsequent reglazing then went on to take several years longer than anticipated!

All leaving this winter as the time to finally sort out the inside in order to get back to a properly operational greenhouse for 2020!

After several years of seed trays and grow bags sitting on weed matting covered earth (pictured above) with missing glass reducing its effectiveness, we now have a pathed end for seed tables with two beds for a full hot house growing season (pictured below).

Bring on many more tomatoes and aubergines this year we hope.

Progress of the greenhouse transformation this winter, going across from top left to bottom right.


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