Harvest 2020 – Part 3: Summer Holiday Helpers

August is always a manic month of harvesting and preserving, and our ongoing Harvest 2020 was no exception.

If anything things have been even busier this year with the unseasonal climate change affected weather meaning everything has been ready at least two weeks early, and some crops badly hit.

Fortunately harvest time at The Secret Acre also tends to see a steady influx of summer holiday visitors, or slave labour as we like to call it!

So here’s some pictures of what the helpers got up to last month.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also usually have a summer party or two for concentrated action days. In the circumstances this year, we limited it to one social distanced afternoon picnic in the orchard to help get the plums in.

Here’s a short timelpaspe film of the afternoon’s picnic and plum action.


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