Timelapse Trials

Our new nature watch camera at The Secret Acre includes a timelapse facility that we have been playing around with.

Best so far has been a summer’s day in the paddock, watching the horses and their visitors come and go. Eighteen hours from dawn to dusk compressed into just 9 mins of film.

It’s fun to watch the horses having a roll at 4.35mins, and again at 6.22mins in! They get covers and eye masks during the day to protect from sunburn and flies on this hot summers day in case you are wondering what that’s all about.

Our first attempt to similarly capture an early summer’s day on Cam Peak in just 3.5 minutes was less successful, as the camera can only just make out people coming and going on the top of the hill. Much less good than naked eye observation.

But the camera did capture various birds visiting our green roof, so you might just want to fast forward to the summary of the best of these at the end of the film.

PS – I was going to title this post “Timelapse (but not at Milton Keynes)”, so if that means something to you too, please proceed immediately to the ‘obscure prog rock corner’ and collect your gold star!


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