Best in Show

Regular readers will know that autumn’s harvest season also brings forth the village show.

We have form, stating with some urban practise, and then some baby steps, before gaining experience for a successful all-out assault on a whole section last year.

To be frank, I didn’t think it could get any better, and along with the uncertainty around the virus this year, I doubted we would enter.

But as the day approached, and it was clear it could be held in a Covid-secure way, Emma announced more and more fruit and veg classes she could enter from our lockdown abundance in the garden, alongside of course the usual mixture of jam and baking bits of bobs she had to hand.

The only question then was what the show might be like in this strangest of years? Massively oversubscribed by all these new lockdown gardeners, or massively undersubscribed as people still felt nervous about going out?

Our largest ever haul at the Village Show.

In the end it turned out to be much the same as any other year, and as we returned to the hall after the judging it was clear that Emma’s largest ever number of entries across the sections has garnered our largest ever haul of certificates too.

So much so, that to our complete surprise we had tied on points with another competitor for first place overall as Best in Show, and Emma had won outright the toughest fought over Baking and Jam Making section.

The Baking and Jam Making section, always the most fiercely contested, attracting the most entries.

Now we really have reached the top, and it can only be downhill from here!

But for now, here’s a few more pics of some of Emma’s winning entries while we revel in the glory.

A first for Best Vegan Cake.









First for Six French Beans.









First in Four Fruit Scones.









First for a Posy of Flowers.









A second for best Gluten Free Cake too.










First for our figs in the Six of Any Other Fruit section.










And a highly commended for the Six Biscuits.










And not pictured:

A first for Pot of Chutney.

A second for Pot of Jelly.

Second for a Collection of Vegetables.

Second for a Collection of Squashes too.

Third in Six Tomatoes.

Third in Four Cooking Apples.

Third in Three Carrots.

Third (again!) in Best Cider.

Third for a Single Cut Flower.

Highly commended for Two Courgettes.



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