How it’s going on the Veg Patch

Here’s a quick pictorial catch up of how it’s going on The Secret Acre Veg Patch after our unexpected slow start to the year.

Overall, things have caught up pretty well considering our chaotic spring, and garlic, field beans, salads, strawberries and red currents are all ready to start to harvest.

The unexpected start to the year also means our usual plan for rows of this and that have been mixed up a bit, and we have ended up more flowers than usual, and more higgledy-piggledy veg planting, which is quite pleasing, and we will probably continue with in the future!

Veg Bed One: with mainly potatoes at the bottom (left) and mostly squashes planted last at the top end (right).
Veg Bed Two: with a lot of leeks and dahlia flowers (left) and our tall perennial Jerusalem artichokes at the top (right).
Veg Bed Three: a mass of board beans and field bean nearly all over (left) and our wigwam of emerging sweat peas and French beans at the top (right).
A June abundance of strawberries in the fruit cage, with the red currents and gooseberries not far behind.
In the greenhouse, lots of tomato plants as usual, plus some aubergines and cucumbers, with a first June cucumber already picked (right).

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