Here come the Crops

And we say, it’s all right.

Despite the Climate Change driven drought, summer abundance arrived at The Secret Acre.

It all made for a busy July and August, along with the usual influx of willing helpers at the start of the school holidays.

On the veg patch, the grown on portion of the over wintered green manure (fava) field beans were harvested and blanched for the freezer.

In the greenhouse, cucumbers started to come thick and fast for some very tasty Thai cucumber summer salads.

In the fruit cage, gooseberries, black currents and white currents were picked and turned into jam.

The garlic was lifted, dried and plaited for storing.

There were lots of helpers for the usual potato hunting game, as we harvested the first earlies.

And the plum harvest was almost as much fun, if a bit more of a challenge!


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