Meet the new Barn, same as the old Barn – Part 1, Gone!

Last year, we rebuilt the pig sties, turning them into useful sheds.

This year we are tackling the Barn, which has miraculously survived the last two winters without falling down completely, although we did lose part of the roof.


Like the pig sties, the first stage was demolition, but instead of using friends and family again, this time we used a very efficient specialist contractor who could remove and safely dispose of the barn’s low grade asbestos roof.

Ready for Bonfire Night!

However, brother Clive was on hand shortly afterwards to help us sort the reusable timbers, and to help build a giant bonfire ready for 5th November from the rest.

Like the pig sties, we are trying to work with the old un-level concrete base on slopping ground, so we don’t have to pour lots of new concrete, which makes the next step of creating a level foundation for the new barn timbers a bit of a challenge.

Watch this space!

Before and after!

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