Rebuilding the Pig Sties, Part 1: We’re on the Eve of Destruction

It’s been a while since we undertook any major building work at the Secret Acre. Choosing instead to just enjoy living in the house for a while after its extensive eco-makeover.

However, the need to eventually also replace the yard’s pig sties, barn and shed complex was always being planned in the back of our minds. And with it, a much needed sorting out of the various materials that ‘might one day come in useful’ which had been stored there after the house renovation, along with our growing collection of gardening equipment as we reinstated the vegetable garden.

In fact we’ve been lucky that the now rapidly deteriorating sheds, built well over 60 years ago, haven’t fallen apart on us first. Two years ago we feared the worse in the winter storms but just survived, and by this winter big holes were appearing and part of the roof finally did fly off.

Clearly we could delay this new project no longer, and with the prospect of half term visiting family slave labour at the end of May we leapt into action.

We plan to tackle the renovation in three separate parts and distinct phases of work, which also helps with the decanting of equipment and storage back and forth as we go. The basic pig sties on the left first, then the more complex barn and shed on the right which will require the plumbing and electrical work too, before possibly adding a garden office and solar panels in a third phase that might well take us into 2022.

So, first up right now is rebuilding the pig sties, starting with demolishing what was left of the structure to clear and inspect the concrete base, salvaging as much good wood and tin roofing as we could along the way, and burning the rotten wood.

The half term visiting family were duly press-ganged into action, and thanks to their help, two days was all it took to demolish clear the base.

Stand by for part 2. Call Bob the Builder, the rebuild is coming next!


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