Upgrading the Yard

New Yard area 1 - July 2016

Half way there

Rebuilding the stables and pig stys in the Yard at The Secret Acre is on the long list of big renovation jobs to get round to eventually. Hopefully before they finally fall down!

But the concrete base that forms the Yard oddly stopped short of running the full length of the outbuildings, petering out into a rather unstable set of York Stone slabs placed on the grass.

With a big family event coming up, and lots of elderly guests visiting, something urgently had to be done now with this trip hazard.

So with a bit of help from a friend, we learnt a new smallholder skill, of mixing cement and concrete. First relaying a flat area of slabs, and then back filling with concrete. So now we have a beautiful flat Yard from end to end. A very satisfying bit of work.

All finished!

All finished!


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