A Trug Full of Veg

Trug of Veg - July2016Weed it and reap” is an old garden saying, and although we might be behind in the weeding of our new veg beds, no sooner had our first veg arrived than it seemed we were suddenly reaping a glut of veg.

Including, pleasingly, some vegetables like beetroot and cabbages, which we hadn’t tried growing before when we were container growing in our small backyard previously.

And all this bounty has been gleefully transported up to the kitchen in our trug, one of the best presents we received on moving into The Secret Acre. Trugs have been handmade in Sussex for over 150 years by traditional craftsmen. I am told it takes a surprisingly long time to master the art, despite its seeming simplicity. So a very satisfying object to own, or to give to a keen gardener this Christmas!


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