Flaming June on the Veg Patch

Here’s a quick pictorial look at some of the June’s garden action at The Secret Acre.

After a slow start, due to the weird Spring weather, June finally delivered some warm sunshine allowing the garden to burst into life.

The seedlings came out of the greenhouse and cold frames to be planted out in the veg beds, allowing the tomatoes and aubergines etc to colonise the greenhouse. The potatoes were earthed up and the fruit cage started to show promise.

Strawberries emerging in the fruit cage in time for Wimbledon.
The patch of annual Calla Lilies by the greenhouse always looks its best in June.
Planting out on the veg beds with the usual battle against pests!
Tomatoes and aubergines settling into their greenhouse beds.
Various peas and beans starting to colonise thier cane wigwams.
Looks like we will soon be enjoying a good crop of gooseberries this year.
Potatoes earthed up. First earlies (right) and main crop Pink Firs (left).

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