Rebuilding the Pig Sties, Part 2: We have the technology to rebuild them

In between this year’s growing season at The Secret Acre, from Flaming June to September’s Harvest, we have also been carrying on with our project to rebuild the Pig Sties.

Having completed the demolition with family help earlier in the year, we enlisted ‘Bob the Re-Builder’ for expert guidance in the shape of Al from Omnijob.

Making fiddley adjustments to the original sloping concrete base.

Unlike ourselves, Al has experience of building garden sheds and offices, and was prepared to take on the additional burden of teaching Paul the carpentry skills necessary to do it, while he assisted (handicapped) Al as labour’s mate!

Despite this handicap, and Brexit related delays and large price increases in basic building materials, we are delighted with the result. Even if the delays mean that stage two, rebuilding the barn, will now have to wait until next spring.

Our knackered old leaking waist high pig sties have been transformed into usable dry storage spaces and sheds that you can actually stand up in. Nice.

Getting the bespoke metal roofing sheets from Cladco onto the frame.
British grown larch cladding arriving from Vastern Timber and starting to go on.
The rebuild from start to finish.

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