Sunny September’s Harvest

Here’s our quick pictorial look at some of September’s harvest season action at The Secret Acre.

As is so often the case now under climate change, awful August gave way to warmer days again in September, as soon as the school had gone back (September was second warmest on record for the UK), before autumn could return again properly in October.

In the garden, flowers, fruit and veg all continued in abundance as we moved into this harvest festival and apple pressing season.

Emma’s Dahlias were the biggest and best we have ever grown this year.
The potato main crop of Pink Furs were lifted and stored.
Courgettes continued in their usual alarming abundance.
Pears were harvested and dehydrated.
Emma helped organise a harvest ‘Crop Swap’ in the village hall to exchange and share surpluses with neighbours.
One of our late September harvest collections, including some sweetcorn and autumn raspberries.
The annual apple pressings got underway again, although weather conditions this year have resulted in a much smaller crop.
Enjoying fresh figs (left) and courgette bhajis (right) in the kitchen.
Storing the last of the summer aubergines, tomatoes and basil from the greenhouse.

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