Making the Most of Awful August

It seems to us that more and more August is becoming the start of autumn in the UK under climate change. Certainly our green roof seems to think so!

In the last few years, summer heat seems to have started too early in spring, with an awful August (in time for the school holidays!) before the sun often returns again in September before a final slide into full autumn.

Nonetheless, July’s veg patch bounty continued to accelerate in August, aided by our usual school holiday influx of visitors, put to work on the growing harvest.

Here’s a few of our pics from our August at The Secret Acre.

Digging the potato harvest with the niece and nephew is always an adventure.
School holiday visitors are a great excuse for some garden wildlife spotting.
Sister and brother-in-law hard at work on the plum harvest.

We also successfully harvested the seed saving patch of field beans we left to grow on for next year’s seed.

And the end of August is of course the start of Village Produce Show season. Plus there is the long Bank Holiday weekend, prefect for interesting pallet building projects. But for news of those, watch this space!


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