Bountiful July in the Garden

After a slow spring start, and flaming June, July saw the traditional arrival of glut on the Secret Acre veg patch.

Here are some picture from July as cabbages, onions, garlic, field beans, sugar snap peas, cauliflower, fennel, courgettes, tomatoes, purple French beans, apples from our very early Beauty of Bath variety, and more, all arrived in a bountiful rush.

Meanwhile, our newly created asparagus bed seems to be settling in, while gliders from the nearby airfield silently ploughed their way through the summer skies over the gardener’s head.

Cabbages the size of your head!
We pulled the onions and garlic to dry and store.
A bounty of field beans for the freezer.
The newly created asparagus bed settling in well.
A harvest of sugar snap peas.
We’ve struggled in the past with cauliflowers bolting, but this year we got a fair few before they shot.
Bulb Fennel (left) is always a favourite, along with the first basket of courgettes and tomatoes.
The Beauty of Bath is a very early apple, alongside more tomatoes, the first couple of cucumbers and the first picking of purple French beans (right).

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