Book review: National Trust School of Gardening

This new book by Rebecca Bevan, beautifully illustrated by Madeleine Smith, is the perfect companion to the RHS’s Growing Vegetable & Herbs.

Between the two of them, anyone will have the confidence to successfully fill their garden with flowers, vegetables and fruit.

Everyone needs some mentors on their journey to The Good Life. And we are no exception here at The Secret Acre.

For example, we often consult Kim and Diane our allotment gurus on all things vegetable. We’ve been on training courses. We follow various bloggers and writers for help and advice. And then there is Rebecca Bevan, a proper professional horticulturalist, who can identify any plant, and answer any question we throw at her.

Now, you can enjoy Rebecca’s advice too, after she wrote this new book ‘School of Gardening’ for the National Trust. With a wealth of information to inspire and instruct, this book will guide you on everything, from planning a new garden, or improving an existing one, through to borders, hedges, trees, fruit, vegetables, lawns, containers, cut flowers, greenhouses and gardening sustainably.

So if you are visiting a National Trust property this summer, or just looking for a great gift for a friend, we say buy this book for a treasure chest of gardening and growing inspiration.


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