Nursey Times, Lockdown Hair, and Pallet Man Rides Again

We’re currently busy with the annual planting out now that the risk of frost has passed.

There was some unusually late frost here last week that had us dashing out for several nights to fleece the young potatoes. The first time we’ve ever had to do this, as climate change driven weather extremes continue to build.

The indoor planted seeds were duly potted on and hardened up in the newly replete greenhouse. With the greenhouse restoration finished, it looks quite the professional nursery compared to previous year’s haphazard collection of pots on carpet.

From last year’s random pots on carpet (left) to this year’s professional looking nursery (right).

Thanks to lockdown the professional feel has been further enhanced by the return of pallet man to construct not one, but two greenhouse potting tables from our supply of junk wood and old pallets.

Left, best not to ask about the lockdown hair dye, while right, Emma starts to put the greenhouse pallet tables to good use.

Eagle eyed readers may have noticed at this point a certain change in hair since the start of lockdown. In our case, not only has it got longer, we also decided to rectify the discovery that neither of us had ever tried dying our hair. Best not to ask further, but proof positive that you can just have too much time on your hands!


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