Having a Rotting Time

We can now pop out and pee in the garden.

Yes that’s right, we’ve finally got round to building some compost bins. Appropriately recycling some of the pallets left by the builders of course.

Welcome to the almost mystical alchemy that surrounds making compost. And right at the heart of it is the ‘pee or not to pee’ question, although the National Trust is clear on the answer to that!

And while we will almost certainly just adopt a chuck it all in approach, the prospect of a good supply of our own compost will be a useful financial saving on buying it in, not to mention helping close another loop in our quest to be more self-sufficient’ish.

So let the peeing commence!


1 thought on “Having a Rotting Time

  1. May I share my experience? Four years ago I was thrown into the human-waste-composting club when my septic failed during the winter. Youtube University said to separate the liquids from the solids. I thought that sounded like too much work so I didn’t bother. BIG MISTAKE. The result is a very wet and stinky slurry. I did not know that so much (the _majority_) of our waste is liquid. Over the winter, we filled two 50 gal drums (a mix of waste and straw). If I had separated as instructed, I would have just been able to dump out the pee onto the yard, and the volume and odour would have been avoided.


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