White Dog, Blue Bells, Slow Start

Despite our usual New Year optimism for the gardening year ahead, an unexpected combination of care duties, hospital treatment and Covid, meant that we are having a very slow start to our spring at The Secret Acre.

We hope for easier times ahead and a little catching up.

Nonetheless, nature waits for no-one, and we made some spring progress as Easter came and went.

The seed potatoes carried on chitting as usual.
Last year’s newly planted asparagus bed showed pleasing signs of bedding in.
The over wintered field beans survived and started to thrive.
Our attempts to create a wild garlic patch from seeds sown last year
were heralded with success as spring arrived.
Despite our unexpected time limitations, Emma has once again
been filling the greenhouse with seedlings.
The potatoes got in over the traditional Easter weekend, thanks to help from brother-in-law Phil
and sister Alison, making us feel as if we might just catch up after all.

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