A new toy, and more garlic

Ever since we got the ride on mower, I have secretly coveted a toy, sorry important farming accessory, to tow behind it!

It turned out there is a whole catalogue of possibilities, none of which I could really justify the expense of to Emma.

So imagine my delighted on learning, that now we have horses in the paddock, the application of a heavy roller is genuinely required from time to time!

So once the driest spring on record finally gave way to some much needed rain last month, there was great excitement as I got to borrow the stables’ roller and finally play with a new toy at last.

Meanwhile at the business end of things, we added the Lautree Wight hard necked garlic to the previous Marco soft necked garlic harvest.

The Marco did much better this year, and on reflection looking back over our records, I have nearly always ticked the soft varieties but put crosses next to the hard necked ones. So I think we may just stick to soft neck varieties in future.

We have let the remaining elephant garlic flower. We know we shouldn’t really do this, putting energy into the flower instead of the bulb, but they look to so nice it seems wrong not to enjoy them at both ends!

And we have been loving our first ever cucumbers from the Greenhouse, now we are able to grow in it properly for the first time.


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