Pond dipping, chopping wood and mowing the garden with our Cornish friends

A few weeks ago we were delighted to spend the day with our lovely Cornish friends who were en route to holiday in Wales.


A thundery start to the day left us feeling a little sad that we might have to eat our picnic in the wood shed but by the time the lovely Kirk Family arrived the clouds parted and made way for the sun allowing us to merrily eat a hearty spread beneath Cam Peak.

First task a bit of pond dipping, Enid and Ivy excitedly lowered nets into our ponds and in just 30 minutes found 40 newts, loads of Water Measurers, a few frogs and lots of  dragonfly larvae nymphs. Initially I felt a little sick at the thought that we may have a pond full of Great Crested Newts (a protected species that comes with a few responsibilities!) but turns out our pond is home to Palmate Newts.

Following this we happily chopped wood, mowed the garden and gave Ruby dog lots of love.


Thank you Katie, David, Enid and Ivy for coming to see us and helping out with some of the much needed tasks at The Secret Acre.


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