Six Months In: Moving, Snagging & Landscaping

Six monthsIt seems hard to believe, but just over six months into the smallholding’s eco-makeover, the excellent builders had stuck to both the timetable and the budget and we were ready to move in.

So after lots of internal finishing in September, and a disappointing lack of readily available Triple A rated energy efficient appliances, we finally booked the removal van for the start of October, worried only by the alarming amount of stuff we had to pack up.

Now safely in, we are starting to work through the inevitably long list of snagging issues, top of which on day one was the alarmingly absent manhole for the bathroom sewer! Continue reading

M is for… Morso

MorsoI can’t remember if a woodburning stove was on our original list of eco-bling for the smallholding’s eco-makeover, but like the range style cooker, it was simply taken as a given.

Of course no-one does woodburning stove style quite like the Scandinavians, and we quickly decided that only a Morso would do for our relatively contemporary extension.

What proved less easy was interpreting the relatively old installation regulations for a modern extension. Continue reading