M is for… Morso

MorsoI can’t remember if a woodburning stove was on our original list of eco-bling for the smallholding’s eco-makeover, but like the range style cooker, it was simply taken as a given.

Of course no-one does woodburning stove style quite like the Scandinavians, and we quickly decided that only a Morso would do for our relatively contemporary extension.

What proved less easy was interpreting the relatively old installation regulations for a modern extension.

For a start our green sedum roof is treated as the same fire risk as a tinder dry thatched roof, which is clearly nonsense. And sensible ventilation rules for stoves over 5kw in a normal sized room give no guidance in a modern open plan lounge/kitchen/dinner timber frame extension that sprawls over 60 square meters. So come on Building Regulations, get your act together.


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