The Triple A Desert

A Triple PlusIt seemed a no-brainer that when buying new appliances for The Secret Acre’s eco-makeover we would of course only choose from the most energy efficient A+++ rated.

So we were genuinely surprised and disappointed to discover that there is a real lack of affordable A+++ appliances available in the UK.

In fact, with the exception of washing machines which all seem to be A+++, most fridges and freezers seem stuck down so firmly in the A+ band that I have started to wonder if there is some key technical challenge still holding them back. But surely if we can get a non-stick pan out of going to the Moon we can get A+++ fridges and freezers out of a mission to Mars!

We finally managed to find and pay extra for A++ but certainly all the standard cheaper white goods sold in most well know High Street stores are a poor A+ at best. It is a reminder once again, that like the energy efficiency of windows, we really need Government intervention in the market to set increasingly tough minimum energy rating standards to force up the quality of the mass market products beyond the minimum A+ rating required since 2012 for all new fridges and freezers.


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