Rural Broadband – Fastershire?

FASTER-SCRIPT-1Welcome to Fastershire said the postcard through the door recently, announcing that our local phone cabinet has finally been wired up for the prospect of faster rural broadband!

See what they did there? Nice. Continue reading


Rural Broadband Update

tincansSo, six months ago we discovered the rural reality of broadband (there isn’t any), despite OpenReach  calling our community an “Enabled area” which turns out to really mean that the area is actually un-enabled and unconnected!

Half a year later the update is er…. no change. Continue reading

Rural reality… transport

magoo1Moving to The Secret Acre has meant reluctantly taking up driving again. Like painfully slow Broadband, having a car is just part of rural reality.

Having driven all my life, I eventually gave up the car after moving to London, but only after paying out shed loads of cash to keep it in a garage for a year first, just to have used it three times in 12 months, before the penny finally dropped that I really could get by without it and be much better off financially. But it still felt like losing a limb at first. Continue reading

Rural reality… broadband

Dial BroadbandWhen I lived in the city with 40Mb cable broadband I used to wonder what all the fuss was about when programmes cropped up from time to time moaning about the lack of internet speeds in the countryside.

Now I know why! It feels like we’ve gone back to the days of dial up internet at The Secret Acre. Basically you get 2Mb through the phone line, which all the commercial service providers of course claim is just enough for streaming. Sadly the independent regulator OfCom says you need 10Mb. Continue reading