Rural Broadband Update

tincansSo, six months ago we discovered the rural reality of broadband (there isn’t any), despite OpenReach  calling our community an “Enabled area” which turns out to really mean that the area is actually un-enabled and unconnected!

Half a year later the update is er…. no change.

Well, not quite true. OpenReach have found time to revamp their website information to remove the misleading “Enabled area” label. Although the situation remains exactly the same that we are still waiting for them to “connect power to the new fibre cabinet and join the new fibre lines to the existing copper network”. But now with a new promise that typically this should happen “within the next four months”.

That’s two months overdue already then. And with OpenReach having to achieve a 95% UK roll out target by 2017, we’ll see what the next six month update brings!

Of course with about 2.5 miles of existing copper network between us and the new fibre cabinet it still remains to be seen exactly how “super fast” our current 1.8Mb/s Download and 0.4 Mb/s Upload speeds actually become even once connected. And how close we get towards the UK Government’s promise of a universal “legal right” to 24Mb broadband within the next four years!


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