Getting Fruity

gg_logoThe guerrilla growing movement has taken off in cities across the globe in recent years as citizens reclaim unloved urban spaces for veg growing.

Most city authorities now embrace and support these movements, recognising the positive contribution thy make in creating healthier, happier, edible cities.

So it was intriguing to read a ‘weak signal from the future’ via Forum for the Future, about the work of the Guerrilla Grafters in San Francisco.

Here citizens have taken things a step further by graft fruit bearing branches onto the city’s non-fruit bearing, ornamental trees, to create food forests in urban streets.

Let’s hope, like guerrilla growing, that guerrilla grafting catches on across the globe too. It will require a bigger cultural change, as in some countries overly risk averse city authorities wet their pants at the thought of dangerous fruit and nuts falling onto city streets.

It is an infuriating argument I have had myself in the past with city officials in the UK. Of course in some saner places, like the south of Spain for example, the street scape is made beautiful with rows of Saville Oranges, without the country collapsing into the mire of legal apocalypse I note.

So if you fancy a bit of guerrilla grafting yourself here is a useful starting point to learn more.


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