Wild Garlic Pesto

Wild Garlic Pesto 2 - April 2016Spring’s arrival of wild garlic has usually been our second major event in the kitchen store cupboard calendar, even as urban foragers before moving to The Secret Acre.

Of course moving to a new area this year first necessitated seeking out local woodland areas suitably carpeted with the Ramsons. But wild garlic has to rate as the easiest of forages.

Plus a simple google will reveal loads of delicious ways to use and store it. Top of the list has to be wild garlic pesto, which also comes in loads of variations on the basic theme including vegan versions.

Pesto Ingredients - keeping it simple.

Pesto Ingredients – keeping it simple.

We keep ours simple just blitzing a washed bag of full of wild garlic leaves with a big handful of toasted pine nuts, just over half a block of grated parmesan, adding juice and zest of a lemon with salt and pepper to taste, and big glugs of olive oil until getting the right pesto consistency.

And there is little better to warm you in the depths of winter than taking a small pot of your pesto out of the freezer to make wild garlic pesto and strong cheddar cheese scones. But that’s another story!

Meanwhile, it won’t be long to wait now for the forager’s next great major ingredient to arrive…. Elderflower.


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