There’s a Big Big Train a Comin’

The New Year once again heralded the arrival of our new personalised Wedding Anniversary theme for the next 12 months.

And this year’s theme out of box number three is… Train!

So stay tuned to learn what romantic activities, or otherwise, that translates into. Although Emma has already made it clear that my existing tickets to see the band Big Big Train in October don’t count, and we both agree the Orient Express is ruled out on the grounds of eye watering price alone.

Regular readers will know that Art (year 1) resulted in a joint trip to Vienna but for different reasons, and last year we celebrated our Tapas Wedding Anniversary with a party for friends at Bristol’s best tapas bar, a surprise trip to Barcelona, and of course some home cooked tapas off the veg bed too, including our own padron peppers and berenjena con miel.


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