Tap’y New Year

If you were with us this time last year, you will know that Emma and I decide to dump the traditional first 24 wedding anniversaries – the rubbish ones like ‘paper’ and ‘glue’ which come before the serious bling – in favour of our own list of things we actually like.

So we wrote down 12 each and randomly assigned them into the 24 draws of a repurposed advent calendar, to be opened at the start of each year.

2017 drew out ‘art’ which saw us, among other things, take an anniversary tip to Vienna to see the amazing Hundertwasser Museum as well as Klimt’s Kiss.

Last month we opened box two, and this year is officially our ‘tapas’ wedding anniversary.

So possibly a third trip to the world’s gastronomic capital, San Sebastian, could be on the cards along with a visit to our favourite El Rincon in Bristol no doubt.

The Pintxos Bars and Michelin star restaurants of Donostia San Sebastian must make it the world’s gastronomic capital!


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