A Modern Celebration

new-anniversariesWe didn’t just grow vegetables in our first year at The Secret Acre, we took time out to get married too. In our own field, at our own boutique, indie style festival for family and friends. But that’s a whole other story!

However, like many modern marriages these days, we met later in life. Which got us thinking about how we would celebrate our anniversaries.

Here’s the problem. Starting later in life, we are being frank unlikely to see the ‘good’ ones. The biggies like Silver, Ruby and Gold. We’ll be stuck on the ‘dull’ early ones like Linen, Copper and Lace.

Our solution, just make up your own list of anniversary celebrations suitable for the modern age, and full of things you might enjoy! So for example, we are looking forward, at some point, to our Mushroom, Eco, Cheese and Train anniversary years.

Our Wedding Anniversaries 'Mystery Moose' full of Modern Celebrations!

Our Wedding Anniversaries ‘Mystery Moose’ full of Modern Celebrations!

I say ‘at some point’ because we have added the random excitement of drawing up a list of 24 new anniversaries, and re-purposed a Christmas Advent Moose into our Wedding Anniversaries Moose.

Each year, on New Year’s Day, we open the draw to discover exactly what this year’s anniversary celebration will be.

So for 2017, our first wedding anniversary will be our ‘Art’ wedding anniversary!


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