The Lockdown Creamery

It’s not all been wine, bread, baking and making things out of pallets recently.

We threatened to extend our Good Life on Lockdown into dairy and cheese too.

And lo it came to pass.

First up was making butter (ridiculously easy), then clotted cream (also ridiculously easy but lengthy) and then some creme fraiche.

Delicious dairy! From left to right: buttermilk and butter; clotted cream; and creme fraiche.

There was a quick diversion at this point into making scones, adding some of last year’s homemade jam, and the rest, as they say, was particularly tasty history for our local VE-Day Socially Distanced Street Party.

The full monty. Homemade scones with homemade butter, homemade jam and homemade clotted cream.

Back in the kitchen, we turned our attention to making feta from goats milk.

Having already been successful previously with soft goats cheese, paneer, mozzarella and ricotta, this was the last of the ‘fresh cheeses’ to try our hand at.

We’d left it until last, as it requires most of the techniques used in the making of ‘matured cheeses’, which we plan to move onto next, starting with Brie. So watch this space!

After a couple of weeks maturing in the brine, and somewhat to our surprise, we’d made real feta!


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